Charts & Tables

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ Drug Delivery Clinical Trial Database is constantly updated according to the data at the website. The search results are summarized under the “Charts and Tables” tab. Follow the links in these tables to access the website for specific study details.

The follow is a brief instruction for the “Charts and Tables”:

  1. Place the pointer over the “Charts and Tables” tab to dropdown the 4 categories of summarization options: Drug Delivery Technologies and Systems; Biological Therapeutics and Platforms; PK/PD Interactions; Diseases.

  2. Click once on one of the 4 categories to view both the pie chart and the summary table or follow the subcategory to show the pie chart.

  3. The total number of trials in each subcategory is also shown in the tables and below to the pie charts. Follow the highlighted number to link for study specific details at the website.